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Each class consists of four parts:

During each class, your tutor will teach you 10 to 15 new words related to your conversation topic.
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Conversation on a daily topic, from your selected study program. In this section, your tutor will ask you questions from your online textbook to promote conversation, so you can practice your English speaking skills. Your tutor will be listening carefully in order to correct any mistakes in your grammar and sentence structure.
Role-play the material you have learned in class, with your teacher.
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Pronunciation exercises for the most commonly mispronounced words and letters, such as L, R, V, TH and others.

Throughout the class, your teacher will be sending corrections and explanations via Skype. You will have plenty of time to practice your English at your own pace and ask questions. Also, at the end of every class your tutor will e-mail you your class report so you can study what was learned in class and keep track of your progress!

At English Tutor Online, we personalize classes to match Your Learning Needs. Our goal is to help you efficiently improve your conversation and pronunciation skills in any area that is important to you.


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