Free Class

What to Expect in a Trial Class

Discussion of Needs

Personal introductions with teacher
Discussion of goals & needs
Introduction to the ETO programs

The Trial Lesson

Begin short class on your chosen topic
Get corrections & tips during class
Assessment on your English level
Teacher discusses challenges & solutions

Q&A Session

Q&A on language, assessment & placement
Q&A on teachers, prices, material & schedule
Discuss any additional needs or plans

After the Trial Lesson

You will receive a class report via email
Get email on how to register and pricing

Students Who Register

Register online in less than 2 minutes
Decide on schedule & teacher
Twenty minute free assessment
Get email confirmation of next class
Begin classes based on your needs

Take a free 20-minute English class with ETO and see why 92% of our students stay with ETO for more than one year. The trial class helps you and your teacher learn more about your needs & goals, and how to meet them in the shortest time possible. ETO truly offers YOU a top quality learning experience online. 


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