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10 Good Tips to Confidently Speak English

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1. Expect nervousness

Don’t forget that even native speakers get nervous when speaking publicly, at least many native speakers do. Turn your nervousness into positive energy that can help you deliver your presentation more strongly.

2. Prepare in advance

Know in advance what you want to say, how to say it and why you want to say it.

3. Practice, practice & practice

Give speeches to small audiences and then begin working with larger audiences. There is nothing like practicing in front of a real audience.


4. Work on breathing

Just before you speak, take a few deep breaths through your nose and fill your stomach up with air. As you exhale out, say to yourself, “Relax.”

5. Rehearse

Stand up & move around the room practicing out loud. Never try to memorize your presentation or practice it word for word. Talk about it and tell a story, point by point. Think that you’re discussing your ideas with people you know and who like you.

6. Keep focusing on the audience

Most people lose focus on talking to the audience because of self-preoccupation. (“How am I doing?”, “Do they understand me?”) Do not focus on yourself so much. Focus on your audience instead. (“How are you over there?”, “Are you understanding this?”, “Are you able to hear me?”)

7. Keep it simple

Many speakers try to explain everything too much and too perfectly and try to include and remember everything. Remember you have a limited amount of time and do not overdo it. Just say something once and keep going, with reminders here and there about important points.

formula to success

8. Think about success

Lie or sit down comfortably in a peaceful location. Breathe deeply. Close both eyes. Loosen up any tense muscles. Imagine yourself speaking with confidence and comfort.

9. Make a strong connection with your audience


Become friends with the audience. Talk to members before the presentation and try to learn who they are as people. Speak to each person and make good eye contact with each person if possible. Once your audience is on your side, they make speaking easier for you.

10. Be or act confident

People usually can not see your nervousness as much as you think they can. Never say you are nervous. Smile. Keep your head up and chest out. Appear confident, even if you don’t feel confident.

Parting Words

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By: Luke 

ETO American English teacher

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