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The Kids and Teen's Courses prepare children and youth (age 3 to 18) for a successful future in English. Students can take 2 to 5 classes a week, but over summer and winter holidays many take ETO’s Intensive Programs of 5 to 25 hours a week. These courses help learners improve their English very quickly. They can study privately with a teacher, in groups with friends or siblings, or all together in larger classes. 




ETO Programs for Kids & Teens


Children’s ESL Program I (3-6 years old)

This kids’ ESL course prepares young children for a successful future in English. Students learn basic vocabulary, natural pronunciation, the alphabet, colors and much more. This program also includes fun things like educational songs, games, rhymes & other exciting activities. This course lays the foundation that makes learning & speaking English much easier for children in the future.

Children’s ESL Program II (6-12 years old)

This course is designed to help preteen children take the big step from basic English to more complex English needed for general conversation, daily life, school and personal & family relationships. Students learn grammar, pronunciation points, tongue twisters, slang & much more. Students use enjoyable games, an online course book, images, sounds & video clips for discussion & interactive language activities.



Teenager’s ESL Program (13-18 years old)

This program focuses on vocabulary building and oral communication across many conversation topics. Students learn to express themselves richly & naturally. They learn key language & culture points that will help them in social situations. Students enjoy interactive tasks & real-world discussions where they do most of the talking. The teachers provide corrections throughout the class.

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