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At ETO, we also offer English classes for employees of the same company. This is a service that is available when at least four (4) employees from the same company register at the same time. A company can sign up an unlimited number of students.

For our corporate clients we offer not only our regular private online English classes, but we also offer semi-private online classes (two students), semi-group classes (three to four students) and group classes (five to eight students)!

Many companies around the world have chosen English Tutor Online to help their employees improve their English skills online!

   Why organize an online company English class?
No specific room required to host the English classes.
No challenge in coordinating class time amongst employees.
Classes are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Learning in the comfort of one’s office or home; employees can learn from their computer desk, in a conference room or from home before or after work!
Employees simply need a headset with a built-in microphone ($15) and a computer with an Internet connection. For group classes, employees can share the same computer or use their own, and they can even be in different locations if they wish!
ETO teachers have webcams, so students can see their teacher, but webcams are not required for students.
The Skype VOIP software is free! Employees simply need to download Skype.  Skype is a free VOIP software program that lets you make free calls to anyone else on Skype, anywhere in the world! Companies also like the sound quality on Skype, which is excellent! Talking on Skype is as clear as a telephone conversation, and in most cases even better!
ETO online company classes offer live private one-on-one classes with your own tutor; semi-private classes (two students with a teacher); small group classes (three to four students with a teacher) and group classes (five to eight students with a teacher).

   English Tutor Online will help you:
1. Increase your English speaking and listening skills.
Improve your English pronunciation/accent reduction.
Enhance your career opportunities.
Gain more confidence when speaking English!
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    ETO’s Corporate Clients

For our corporate clients we offer four types of online English classes:

  • Private classes (one student);
  • Semi-private classes (two students);
  • Semi-group classes (three to four students);
  • Group classes (five to eight students);
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    Editing/Proofreading Service

ETO offers a high quality English editing and proofreading service. Whether it is for a work presentation, English website editing, promotional material or any other type of material, we have experienced and qualified proofreaders who can help you. Please note that we will proofread/edit material of a minimum of 10 pages.

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