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Company classes help individuals & companies of all sizes and from various industries reach new goals. You can learn from your office or home and study alone or with a group of your coworkers.  Our business English teachers have experience in both business and English teaching.

Our Corporate Programs

Business English Meeting

General Business English

Improve your English for everyday business and workplace situations. Learn specific language for many different business topics and master professional communication skills.

Live Company Class

Business Training Workshops

Our workshops focus on real-world English skills that are applied in real-life. We have many workshops, here are just a few: Telephoning, Accent Training, Politeness, Meetings, Intercultural Communication, Customer Service, Sales Language, Business Slang, Negotiations & specially designed workshops.

Public Presentation

Presentations & Public Speaking

This special program covers English language, body language, structuring your presentation, presentation techniques, tone and pronunciation and many other effective skills.

Interview & Resumes

Interviews & Resumes

This program helps you “sell’ yourself by mastering the skills & techniques that get your resume seen and your interview scheduled. Learn the formats & language used in resumes, how to manage hard interview questions, how to build a good relationship with the interviewer and much more.

Editing and Proofreading Service

Editing & Proofreading Services

You can trust ETO to proofread and edit your most important documents, including presentations, business letters, financial reports, contracts, university papers, essays & research, resumes & CVs and many other documents.

Writing for Professionals

Writing for Professionals

This program is perfect for motivated office workers, secretaries, managers, university students and many more. Learn about writing processes, outlines, grammar points, language used, cultural considerations and much more.

Choose a topic

Custom Designed ESL Courses

Choose what you want to learn from hundreds of different classes & workshops to meet your specific needs. Also, ETO can prepare specific English courses for you from fashion to finance to nursing to call centers to any other field. 

Company Group Classes

Corporate Consulting

Become more effective, efficient and more profitable in business. We help managers design & implement training programs, improve organizational development, enhance communication between staff, management & customers, improve cultural relations, plus many other services.

Partners & Affliates

Affiliates & Partners

Partner with ETO to create new opportunities and earn more money. Earn commissions every time you sell or recommend ETO services and let ETO help promote and sell your services. Our network is worldwide and spans across many industries and businesses.

Meet Our Corporate Team

Our business English teachers & program consultants are carefully selected based on experience, qualifications & knowledge in both business and ESL teaching. Our special team works hard to make positive changes with individuals, managers, HR departments, business owners & other corporate clients.


Tameka [ Program Consultant ]


Dave [ English Teacher  ]

Jane Marie

Jane Marie [ Business English II  ]


Robert [ English Professor ]

Normal pricing applies to individuals and small groups. However, ETO makes investing in English as easy as possible and we offer discounts for longer plans, larger groups, bigger companies and those who refer ETO to other companies. Companies can also pay monthly, rather than all at once. Learn more

Our teaching methods are modern, exciting, active, task-based, and students do most of the talking. The signature ETO Learning Cycle also ensures the fasted learning possible. Learn more

ETO materials include online textbooks for each class as well as supplementary material such as handouts, tutorials, grammar & pronunciation tips and optional homework activities that target the specific (not general) needs of each learner. Learn more

 Every student is assigned a free program consultant for advice or explanations, available anytime. Learn more

Free consultations are for people, companies & organizations that want to know more about ETO programs, company classes, partnerships / affiliations, specially designed online courses, study plans, prices, discounts, materials and other general questions. Learn more

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