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Business English

Lower Intermediate & Advanced Program

This ESL program is designed to enhance your career & business opportunities. This course covers culture, communication strategies & the most common language used in business and around the office.


Business English is for learners who need:

Specific English requirements for work or study

To earn business degrees or do business in English

To improve small talk or specific business language

To move up the career ladder with new opportunities

Write Emails, attend conferences, or present in English

After this program, learners can:

Speak publicly more effectively, formally & informally

Use cultural knowledge, & Western idea organization

Communicate more naturally in business writing

Use lots of business expressions, slang & vocabulary

Use English to work and network to the top!

Course Curriculum

Business English Overview FREE 00:00:00
Vocabulary + Pronunciation FREE 00:00:00
Conversation for Business FREE 00:00:00
Role-Plays for Business FREE 00:00:00
Extra Material & Class Reports FREE 00:00:00
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