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Test Preparation

Personalized Course for Testing

This online English course is designed to change your life by giving you the keys to open doors to your career and education. ETO has true experts that have very specific knowledge about TOEFL- TOEIC- IELTS- SAT- CAE- & other industry specific tests and also citizenship exam.


    Test prep is for test-takers who want:

    To succeed with a possibly life-changing test

    Experienced native speakers specializing in test prep

    To quickly increase scores using proven techniques

    To learn English vocabulary & pronunciation

    To boost reading, writing, speaking or listening scores

    After test prep coaching & practice, you will:

    Understand your exam better & know what to expect

    Use many strategies to attack many types of questions

    Know how the test writers & interviewers think

    Have increased confidence and reduced stress

    Have increased scores on your exams, quickly!

    Course Curriculum

    • 150 Hours
    • Course Badge
    • Course Certificate
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