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Get Discounts & Free things

Cheaper Classes

Lower pricing when buying more classes!

Group Discounts

For groups of 2, 3, or more who study together with one teacher, ETO gives big discounts on classes. You can study in groups of ANY size, even seminars or webinars for 50+ students is possible, with significant discounts. For more questions, speak to an ETO consultant now.

Intensive Program Discounts

When kids or adults study 5 – 25 hours a week, this is considered an Intensive Program and discounts apply, depending on how many students sign up, the number classes per week and the length of the program.

Family Plan Discounts

When 2 or more people from the same family study at ETO, this is called a Family Plan and we discount the first 20 classes your family takes by $2.00 US/class. If you recommend a family member, you can accept the discount -OR- receive 3 free classes. Get even further discounts when studying in pairs or groups!

Free Classes

When the student you refer completes 3 months of classes at ETO, you get 3 free private English lessons. You can refer a friend, coworker or family member. If you refer more than 3 people, please consider becoming an ETO partner.

Cash Rewards

When the student you refer completes 3 months of classes at ETO, if you do not want free ETO classes, you can get $50 US Dollars from ETO. Also, ETO students who make 2-minute testimonial videos can choose between 3 free classes and $50 US Dollars.

Free Learning Products & Materials

ETO has free resources for everyone; however ETO students get special access to a huge library of resources, programs, materials, class topics and lesson plans.  They also get periodic promotions on new classes & services.

FREE Resources for Everyone

YouTube learning videos
Daily social media learning posts
Subscribe to EBooks, blogs & articles
Needs assessment with ETO consultant
A 20-minute trial class with native speaker

FREE Resources for ETO students

Detailed needs analyses & study plans
Class reports & progress reports
Career counseling or gift cards
Access to ETO’s Course Library
Live program consultant available 24/7

Free Resources for Affiliates

Get ongoing training from our sales team
Get promotional tools & an online starter kit
Get a specialized Affiliate ID at no cost
Free 20-minute classes to give to clients
 Free ETO Services for your customers

Affiliate / Partnership Program

handshakeXA partner is a person, group or organization that works with ETO to create more value. A partner is also someone who refers more than 3 people to ETO. Partners can get ongoing cash commission payments from ETO for as long as the clients you refer remain an ETO student. ETO also helps promote partners’ products and services. Learn more at our Partnership Page.

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