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Being an ETO affiliate is very easy. We provide you all the tools you need to succeed. Please use our dashboard as needed to get the tools you need, manage your account, search referrals & track your visitors. Also, we are constantly updating the ‘Creative’ section with new banners and links that you can use on your own personal website. For more details, check out our Affiliate Promo PDF below; it is downloadable so that you can save it, share by email or print it out.




Understanding the Dashboard

Important Notice:

Please carefully read the below PDF on how to use your account and to better understand the account settings. Get familiar with the ETO Affiliate Dashboard and start earning now!

To help maximize your commissions, ETO offers real-time reporting that enables affiliates to have full tracking capabilities. This allows easy customization & control of tracking referrals, visits & conversions. (Please click to read instructions on your account)




ETO Promo Flyer/Affiliate PDF

You can email, print or post on Facebook your ETO brochure explaining our classes, teachers & teaching approaches. You can share this PDF with your clients, print the brochure to share in person, post on the walls of your school or leave a few copies at the entrance of your school/business/organization for your clients to take.




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