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ETO is Student-Centered Teaching

What is student centered teaching?

In simple words, the teacher teaches the way and the content that the students want to learn. Student centered teaching is modern teaching. Let’s talk more about the details and benefits of student centered teaching.

Describe a student centered class


A typical student centered class begins with some general friendly discussion about the student’s life. Student centered teachers are usually friends of the students, creating a warm environment for speaking. The students do about 80% of the speaking and the feeling is comfortable.

The student and the teacher then review specific pronunciation points that the learner made mistakes on in his or her last class. Once the student is comfortable to go forward, we then begin interesting conversation that asks for the student’s opinion, the student’s advice, examples and experiences from the student’s life and ideas that the students may have. A student centered class is more like a real life conversation about real things.

What are the benefits of student centered learning?

When students talk about things that interest them, it increases confidence and time for speaking practice. The class time goes by very fast and an English class feels more like a conversation with a coach and a friend, with very personalized feedback of course.

When students are doing most of the talking, they learn so much faster than in a teacher centered class compared to a class with a teacher speaking all the time. Learning English is like learning to play a guitar. You must actually play the guitar all the time, learning new songs all the time. Speaking English is 85% skill and 15% knowledge.

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By: Luke 

ETO American English teacher

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