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ESL learning: Fill in the blanks

ETO-Harbin Festival

Image credit: Harbin Ice Festival in China

Have you ever heard of an ice sculpture, sculpting or the person who does it, a sculptor? How could a sculptor make such a masterpiece that brings chill bumps to the skin when viewed? This craftsman uses a variety of tools. Let’s try to figure out what these tools are. Come on! Give it a go!

Can you complete these sentences with the answer choices?

Ice Pick – Chainsaw – Steam gun – Chisel

A sculptor first uses a _____________ to carve ice into blocks, taken from the frozen surface of the Songhua River. He then uses a ____________ to melt, and sometimes weld pieces of ice together. Afterwards, the sculptor uses a __________, which is a characteristically shaped blade on its end, for carving or cutting a hard material such as wood, stone, metal or ice. The sculptor then uses an ___________ to break up, pick at, or chip at the ice.

Still guessing? Have you tried to find the tools on Google images yet? If you could sculpt a sculpture, what would it be, look like or symbolize?


Please comment below with your answers..

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