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Who We Consult

We consult individuals, HR managers, business owners, educational organizations, hospitals, NGO’s and government departments, who want to partner with ETO to create more value.

Free consultations are for those who want to know more about ETO programs such as company classes, partnerships / affiliations, online courses for kids, intensive programs, prices, discounts, materials or any other general questions.



Please fill in the form and we will respond within 24-48 hours. In the meantime, browse our site!
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What to Expect in a Consultation

Discuss Needs / Interests 

Personal introductions with consultant*
Discussion of needs/ideas/interests/benefits
Needs analysis* & assessment if needed
Introduce teachers, programs & material

A Solution Forward

Discuss how we can create value & solutions
We give professional advice & create a plan
Decide how best to turn plans into actions

Q&A Session 

Q&A about language, assessment & placement
Q&A about teachers, prices, material & schedule
You can request additional information
Review & confirm details / decisions / schedules

Taking Action

Get email confirmation of schedule / plan forward
Confirm discounts*, prices & payment methods
Register online in under 2 minutes, if needed
Consultant analyzes needs & goals
ETO begins work for you or your organization

Technology Requirements 

Download Zoom or select a phone consultation
Using a webcam is up to you
Your consultant will meet you over Zoom at the agreed time


We discuss your organization’s goals briefly at first, but once you register, in greater detail. We use interviews, questionnaires, checklists and other tools to help you discover what your challenges and needs really are, weather you realize they exist or not. We determine your current placement, why you currently have certain needs / problems and we then help decide how to approach your challenges with the right ideas and resources.

There are many ways to get discounts, commissions and possible ongoing payments from ETO. Some ways to earn these benefits include referrals, partnerships, taking group classes or company classes, taking longer programs and taking advantage of other periodic ETO promotions. Contact us for more information.

ETO consultants are carefully chosen because of their significant experience and special skills. They are senior teachers who supervise the development & delivery of programs, help determine organization/staff goals, create plans, manage client accounts, evaluate teachers, resolve problems, set priorities, manage resources, maintain relationships and much more. Visit the Role of the Consultant page for more details.

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