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Grammar – Its versus It’s

its vsi t's

This has been a common grammar point that causes all kinds of problems for people who want to learn English. I was just asked this question last week on our ETO Facebook Page, so here is the answer 🙂

Use apostrophe: ‘It’s’ is a contraction meaning ‘it is’ or ‘it has’.

No Apostrophe: ‘Its’ is a possessive showing ownership or belonging.

These grammar rules are very easy and true 100% of the time. Let’s see some examples below.

Examples of contractions:

It’s a great hat.

It’s our opportunity to vote.

It’s been such a nice day.

Examples of possessives:

The website just posted its 25th blog

The company just bought its 5th building.

The zoo lost one of its animals.

Let’s look at more examples:

1. It’s been snowing hard for a month, but now it’s beginning to slow down. – Correct

2. Its one of the best hamburgers in the country. – Wrong (should be ‘it is’ or ‘it’s’.)

3. I think the country wants to get its economy stronger. – Correct

its vs it's2

Below is an English quiz to help you practice and understand today’s English grammar better:

1. The company had spent all _______ money.

a) its

b) it’s

2. ________ been a great day!

a) its

b) it’s

3. Give me a call when _______ done.

a) its

b) it’s

4. The last car lost all ________ power.

a) its

b) it’s

5. The population voted for ________ new president.

a) its

b) it’s

My last comments:

Please feel free to write in our comment box below any questions, comments or contributions you might have.

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By: Luke 

ETO American English teacher


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