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Homophones: To, Too, & Two

two  too and to

To is a word that can actually be used as two different parts of speech. As you’ll notice, it is one of the most used connecting words in the English language.

First, it can be used as a particle, part of an infinitive verb (to + root verb). Infinitive verbs are often used after another verb.

  • I want to play that song again!

  • We love to sing along with that Bob Marley song.

To can also be used as a preposition. As this part of speech, to is often used to describe directional movement (both literal, or physical and real, and figurative, or as an idea or metaphor).

  • Please pass the cayenne pepper to your brother.

  • After years of war, Liberia is finally returning to peace.too to two

As a preposition, to can also be used to describe moving towards something, and towards a certain time.

  • I will come to your house on Saturday morning.

  • It’s ten minutes to 9 (8:50).

Too is an adverb.

It is used to describe an excess, when there is more than enough of something.

  • There is too much food for us to eat! Let’s invite the neighbors to share with us!

  • It’s never too cold for me to eat coconut milk ice cream.

In addition, too is used to mean ‘as well’ or ‘also’.

  • Make sure to leave some chicken for me. You ate some, and I want some, too.

  • She also knows my wife. They are friends, too.

Two is the spelling of the number 2.

  • I don’t need two cars! One is enough.

  • Two more minutes of exercise, and then I will be done!

Like we say in English, it’s not where you’re from; it’s where you’re going to! Let’s put your skills to the test!

I want _______ learn how ________  play the accordion.

  1. to, two

  2. two, too

  3. to, to

Barcelona is a successful soccer team because their players pass the ball so well ________ Lionel Messi.

  1. too

  2. to

  3. two

She has ______  brothers, and ________ sisters, _________!

  1. two, two, too

  2. to, two, two

  3. two, two,  to

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By Joseph

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