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Interview & Presentation Language 2

I know all of you reading this have either felt or thought about the stress of speaking publicly or being interviewed. Sometimes when we speak, we get stuck or we don’t flow smoothly. Learning just a few common phrases can reduce your stress and increase the quality of your speaking.

This blog has been divided into a set of two blog series. Link to part 1 can be found below.


Let’s continue looking at that useful language we all need!

Expressing compare, contrast, show surprise or something that you disagree with or do not like

  • As it turns out

  • Actually,

  • As a matter of fact,

  • In actuality

  • To be honest/frank,

  • To be direct,

  • In fact, …

  • The fact is that…

Searching for a way to express something

  • How shall I put it?

  • What’s the word I’m looking for?

  • How do you say that?

  • How can I explain this?

  • What is the word I am looking for?

Showing you are reluctant to speak for fear of the effect

  • What’s the best way to put this?

  • How shall I say this?

  • What I’m really trying to say is…

  • Let’s put it this way…

  • Where should I begin?

Some possible introductory phrases for paraphrasing

  • So, what I hear you saying is…

  • It sounds like you…

  • If I understand you correctly…

  • You are telling me that…

  • So what you mean is


What do you have to add?

Please feel free to add a comment or a question in our comment box for our teachers and other students to reply to. Also, if you have some other useful language, please also share it with us.

Final remarks

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By: Luke 

ETO American English teacher

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