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Learning English with Social Media

In modern times, people spend a lot of time on social media. We have to ask ourselves, are students able to learn English on social media? The answer is a certain YES!

Research supports the effectiveness of learning English on social media as well. Social media offers many ways to learn real-world language, special skills and new knowledge.

For people of all types and ages

Learning English on social media can be done by anyone. Children as young as 4 – 5 years old are commonly learning how to use computers nowadays and people as old as 70 or 80 are also coming online to get connected or reconnected with others. Social media has penetrated every country on Earth and it is replacing a lot of traditional communication, such as personal visits, phone calls and even emails. Even if you do not already speak English well, social media is available in almost all languages, and one can start social media in his or her own language and slowly learn English through signing up for posts and pages that appear in English, such as the ETO Facebook. Learning English on social media is possible for those of all ages, cultures and speaking levels.

Convenience & comfort

You can learn from your own home, office or even from your portable smart phone. Social media is always available, depending on when you want to log on. Many people now use alerts that notify them, often times via smart phone, when they have new social media messages waiting. Also, a lot of people work with computers and leave social media websites open at all times, as a communication device. This means many people are easier to reach by social media than by telephone nowadays. Also, many English learners report that they are more comfortable and less shy to communicate with people over social media. This offers an excellent opportunity to practice English.

Staying in touch 

As the world becomes more globalized and borders are passed more easily, young people study abroad and many people work all over the world; it is becoming harder to keep in touch with people through traditional means such as expensive phone calls or personal visits. Social media allows people to stay in touch with others, even years after people move away from each other. This offers the chance for people to maintain relationships by chatting and emailing each other, while practicing English at the same time.

Rich interaction

Interaction and engagement between social media users is very rich and comes in many different forms. Virtual communities use English language social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and many other platforms to chat, trade pictures, share videos, create profiles, exchange opinions & give advice. This is a great chance to learn and use the international language of English.

Careers and business

Corporations now use social media as part of their marketing efforts. It is also important to know that most working professionals also have social media accounts that they use regularly to build relationships, market new products and to learn about other businesses and what they are doing. Just imagine the efficiency and value of practicing English on social media in order to promote yourself, your language learning, your business or your career.

Technology skills

Learners can learn technology skills, English and professional skills all at the same time. Technology is always growing and producing new things for all of us to learn. Technology has become almost impossible to get away from. Knowing technology and its related English is valuable in the workplace, and often in our personal lives too.

Getting informed and gaining knowledge 

Another benefit of learning English via social media is that learners can stay up to date with current events and learn new things and new cultures from people all around the world. Social media gives us a chance to practice our English, grow intellectually and meet other people without ever having to travel.

Vocabulary and grammar building 

English is a growing and changing language and even English teachers have to keep up with new language related to technology. Aside from modern technical / internet related language, learning English on social media gives us a special education, meaning we can learn lots of common and popular language that is not taught in traditional classrooms.

In conclusion 

As we see there are many great benefits to learning English and other skills through social media. Please consider joining the ETO social media community to grow your English & technology skills and to expand your mind.


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January 31, 2022

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