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Learning English Successfully

What are Successful Learners?


Learning a language mostly depends on YOU. Some people say that learning a language is something that some people are good at. This is not 100% true. Anyone can learn how to be a better language learner.

Being a successful language learner means that you will be able to tackle tasks in class more easily and you will also be a better independent learner outside of the classroom, achieving far more than other learners.

key to success

Some things successful learners do?

Here is a list of things that successful learners do. Successful learners:

1) Learn visually using post-it notes, drawing charts

2) Learn by listening when walking, riding the bus or exercising. This can be done with any MP3 player or smart phone. Downloads are free and easy to find on Google

3) Learn using flashcards and they update the flash cards a lot

4) Review what they have learned by revisiting old material

5) Set goals. For example, they will learn 1 grammar, 1 pronunciation and 1 vocabulary point every day

6) Learn all new words and grammar structures as part of a sentence.

7) They write, listen to, read and speak all new structures shortly after learning them

8) Focus more on speaking than listening

9) Know how to skim and scan, while reading with a purpose

10) Use context clues and grammar structures to help guess meanings of things

11) Have a strong command of grammar and understand why grammar is correct or not

12) Use lots of authentic materials to study from. For examples of authentic materials, please see my other blog ESL learning: Learning Native English

13) Listen to native speakers in real life, on TV, in films and on their computers

14) Ask others to repeat themselves, to speak slower or explain more

15) Do not try to understand every single word

16) Are confident

17) Have a good balance between simple communication and accurate grammar

18) Know how to say things many different ways and can rephrase things

19) Always try to get better and better pronunciation

20) Avoid thinking in their mother tongue and try to think only in the target language

21) Talk to themselves

22) Repeat things they hear

23) Are highly motivated

Final remarks :

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By: Luke 

ETO American English teacher

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