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On average, individuals and companies we work with get 10-60% of their profits passively from the partnership. We create relationships, share resources & expertise and promote each other’s products & services in order to create new opportunities & reach a higher potential. We call this a partnership, or an affiliation. We create a value together that neither of us can create alone.

The ETO Affiliate Program

moneybulb4How to Make Money

There are many ways to earn money partnering with ETO. You can increase your sales a number of ways with ETO. Our marketing strategies are advanced and our worldwide network of affiliates brings tremendous value. Earn a steady passive income of ongoing commissions partnering services & customers with ETO.

We can promote your products & services to our customers.

For example, if your travel agency or educational company has special promotions that may be of value to our students, then we could share this across our large social media base, on a tab or button on our website, or in our classes & consultations.

We can promote your products & services to our affiliates.

For example, we can recommend the products and services from a travel agency we partner with to a physical school we also partner with. This creates a win-win situation & more value. Once you are inside our affiliate network, you get access to special opportunities that only partners have.

You can promote ETO services & products to your customers & affiliates.

Offer ETO classes, editing, proofreading, language training and more to your customers; take advantage of our resources and expertise.

For individuals- Referral Program

You can receive 3 free private 1 on 1 English classes for each new student you refer to ETO. If you refer a company to ETO, you get an initial and ongoing payment for as long as the company studies with ETO.

earnmoney4How Much Money Can I Make?

If you promote any ETO services or products, you can earn 2 - 5% of revenue paid to you ongoing every month as long as your customer remains at ETO.

To get more details, please book a Free ConsultationFree Consultation and talk to a representative to ask any questions and to get started.

handshakeBenefits of Partnering

Why partner with ETO? Because ETO is a team of true online learning specialists with resources and well-established networks that create more value for us both. We go above & beyond.

ETO is a reputable brand that has been respected in the online community since 2005. We are recognized for quality online teaching with only the most qualified & experienced teachers from North America & the UK. Our brand, team members & methods are tested, proven & trusted.

You can benefit from our worldwide network as an affiliate, while letting ETO do all of the work. Our teachers and customer service are available 24/7. We also provide continued career-assistance support for students after they finish our programs.

We provide valuable free online Ebooks, blogs, quizzes & social media posts on grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, idioms and many more free resources.

We have many programs and hundreds of classes. We are constantly developing new classes, programs & technologies to keep ETO students ahead of the rest. There really is a solution for everyone at ETO.

You can even become and ETO agent and work directly as a sales representative of ETO. If you are interested, please Contact Us

choose topic4ETO Courses & Services

ETO has many programs, workshops & hundreds of class topics. Our courses are designed to prepare adults for the real world of spoken English. We have business, conversational, career-related, corporate, travel, writing, editing, pronunciation, test prep, custom-designed and many other types of online English classes.

To learn more visit our ETO English Courses page and discover the many opportunities that lie ahead for you! our ETO English Courses page and discover the many opportunities that lie ahead for you!

Who it is for

Our partners and affiliates are individuals, web-based businesses, travel agencies, educational companies, employment & recruitment services, physical English schools offering online classes, NGO's, international movers and many other businesses & organizations.

"We have a positive spirit of teamwork and creativity that is present throughout our company, and we share this with our partners."- ETO

Our Partnership Stories


How to Get Started

Becoming a partner is very simple. Just book a free consultation with us or click on the Get An Affiliate ID link below to discuss your idea.

Within 48 hours after the consultation, an affiliate program consultant will email you a personal affiliate ID number with more details to confirm your partnership. 

 Are you Ready?


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