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Our online ESL programs for Conversation, Kids, Business & Companies are carefully structured by industry experts to maximize learning & shorten the time needed to become fluent. We invite you to learn more about our Program Structure below.


About ETO Programs

Our ESL programs have 150 contact hours divided into 3 levels 
Each level increases in difficulty & students’ skills & language also increase
Each ESL course has 100+ different topics for adults, kids & professionals 
 Topics can be taken in any order the learner, parent or teacher wants
 All classes have detailed class reports, corrections, tips & homework recommendations
English courses begin with initial evaluation, personalized needs assessment & goal setting
ETO online courses also include free progress & goal report after every 25 class hours
Students get a live native speaking Program Consultant free anytime to plan & assist.


Course Levels 1, 2 & 3  (Outcomes, Objectives & Expectations)

Become aware of & learn English pronunciation problems & solutions
Begin improving listening to native speech and natural language
Learn hundreds of new words, phrases, idioms and slang
Begin realizing and improving your common grammar mistakes
Become aware of several new learning & communication strategies

Corrected most pronunciation problems already, few remain
Learn English vocabulary for a wider range of topics & recycle vocabulary from level 1
Communicate & organize information more like a ‘Western’ thinker
Show stronger confidence when speaking & sound more natural
Understand the English speaking culture much better

Speak comfortably with natural accent most of the time with few errors
Speak in public with much less stress and embarrassment
Have longer conversations while changing topics easily
Use a huge collection of natural expressions, idioms & vocabulary with ease
Use a variety of life-long learning strategies, even when your teacher is not around
Use English for tasks, assignments & communication to work your way to the top!


Course Duration 

Learners can take 2 to 5 classes per week, depending on what they want; we highly recommend at least 3 lessons per week. For children, adults or professionals needing rapid results, consider an Intensive Program over the summer or winter break and study 1 to 5 hours each day. This guarantees rapid fluency in English in the shortest amount of time possible. Decide on a learning plan based on your needs and study anytime you like 24/7, 365 days a year.

To learn more details about our course duration please visit the Course Length page.



Testing /heading]

At the end of each lesson, unit & course there are optional quizzes on vocabulary, idioms, grammar and other language & communication points. These cumulative tests help assess how much you have learned, offer a good review opportunity and show your progress. 




Our Professional Recommendation

To improve your English quickly for work or socializing, we recommend at least 3 lessons weekly. Also, students who commit to longer plans miss fewer classes, learn more and save more money. After 6 months at 3 or more English classes per week, you will have many new learning strategies, communication skills and increased confidence. To learn more about our online courses & descriptions please visit our ETO English Courses page.



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