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ETO consultants are selected to consult companies & individuals because of their special experience, knowledge and skill sets. Our consultants are top language & culture teachers who have strong business backgrounds. We focus on discovering solutions and taking action through improved communication and intercultural understanding.  See what our consultants can do for you!

ETO Consulting Services 

Business consulting for companies & organizations
A liaison for customers, administrators, HR & directors
Manage client accounts & monitor relationships
Collect feedback to improve processes & programs
Research new technologies, relationships & solutions
Sets priorities for staff & review company objectives

 Course Adviser for Companies

Advise on using English for career & company goals
Design specific ESL courses for specific industries
Manage & deliver courses with feedback reports

1-to-1 Consulting for students 

Placement & planning specialists determine goals
Help register, schedule classes & pick programs
Offers technical support with technology issues
Reviews if students’ objectives & goals are met
Solves any other problems the student may have

Consulting for teachers & schools

Provides assistance, materials, ideas & training
Evaluate & improve teaching methods & materials
Supervise development & delivery of curriculum
Offers technical support & solutions for online work
Create, launch & supervise other education programs

Company Classes 

Company Classes

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