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Since 2005, ETO has used a branded & proven system of teaching online English classes that are based on practical experience and modern language learning theory. Our specialty is teaching individuals, groups, professionals and company employees over the internet.

We focus on not just the language, but also learning strategies, culture, communication skills and other aspects often overlooked in many other ESL programs. The ETO method is the fastest way possible to become fluent in English in society, academia, business or the workplace.

Why the ETO Method works

Cutting-edge teachers, training & quality control
Personalized English classes designed on learners needs
Modern teaching techniques & material with real-world tasks
Motivated students, close coaching & regular feedback
Students speak 70-90% of the time with teacher support
Teacher evaluates skills used by the student in the task
 Assessment & feedback is based on completion of the task
 After finishing a level or a course, final exams are optional
 Upon finishing a level, or full program, a certificate is awarded
  The ETO Learning Cycle helps you KNOW the language


ETO Teaching Methods (General)


To help you learn English as naturally and easily as possible, ETO uses communicative language teaching, also known as CLT. CLT focuses on the needs of the learners and teaches real spoken language and communication skills that are seen outside the classroom in the real world.


Task based learning, also known as TBL, is also a key part of preparing ETO students for the real world. The focus is on successful completion of realistic tasks, not boring tests or useless assignments. Such tasks can include visiting a doctor, conducting an interview or calling customer service for help.

ETO Teaching Methods (Specific)

The student centered approach allows learners to be the ones who use the language, not just the teacher speaking all the time. Students must communicate with other students or teachers to complete tasks or activities that are designed around the target language.

The lexical approach teaches students the patterns of language and which words commonly appear together with other words. Students learn a lot of common fixed expressions and high-frequency grammar structures.

The integrated approach gives students the opportunity to use reading, writing, listening and speaking to really ‘learn’ the language. The integration of the skills puts new language into the long term memory, making it easier to use the language when you want.

Presentation, practice & present (PPP) is used when students want or need explanations or demonstrations before using a new skill or new language. Teachers demonstrate how to use the language / skill first, which helps the students learn in a safe controlled environment, then students use the new language & skills freely on their own.

Situational / topical learning is organized around popular, useful or common topics that are encountered by everyone in the real world. This method gives students lots of key vocabulary for specific situations & topics essential to daily living.

English only environments at ETO reflect most real world situations. Students learn much more and their skills develop much faster in an all English environment.

ETO Activities Include

Making plans in English
English conversation questions
Pronunciation activities
Ranking & ordering
Role-plays & presentations
Negotiations & advice giving
Learning games & handouts
Listening exercises
English vocabulary building
Real-world writing assignments
Plus many more interesting activities

"ETO uses the methodology that works best for each individual learner"

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