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The terms & conditions on this page explain the agreement (contract) between ETO and you, the user of ETO’s services or products.

You automatically agree to fully accept ETO’s terms & conditions below anytime you do any of the follow things: visit ETO’s website or social media pages, purchase services or products from ETO, receive free services or products from ETO or when you become an ETO member or subscriber.



Class cancellation

All cancellations need at least 48 hours notice. If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice, you lose your paid-for class. If a teacher cancels with less than 48 hours notice, you get a free class. Students need to login to cancel their class in the scheduling system.

Class length

Each 1 hour Zoom or Skype class includes a 55 minute live conversation class and a 5 minute to create a personalized class report, with more corrections, explanations, tips, quizzes and homework.

Technical issues

Zoom and Skype are extremely reliable. We provide English classes online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, experiencing almost no problems! If you have electricity or technical problems from your side, ETO can not be responsible if you miss a class or part of a class. Please note that for quality control purposes, classes may be recorded, but are always deleted immediately.

Pricing conditions

60 minute classes are 55 minutes of teaching + 5 minutes of class report writing.
Each editing ticket is for 60 minutes of a teachers’ time.
Minimum of two classes/week
Class packages must be used within 5 weeks. Classes unused within 5 weeks will expire.
A 100% refund of unused classes can be made within 2 weeks from the date of purchase.

 Scheduling conditions  

Students are responsible to check their scheduled classes in the online scheduling system. ETO is not responsible for wrong booking times or dates. Scheduled times in the online scheduling system are in New York time zone, day & time. We recommend using a time converter.  You can study with the same teacher at the same time every week. If your teacher is unavailable, you can select another equally qualified teacher.

Partnership Program

Our partners (websites, organizations, companies and institutions) can always depend on ETO to bring top quality and deliver the results promised. If you want to partner with ETO, contact us now to discuss your ideas and how we can create more value together.

To learn more visit our Partners & Affiliate page.


You are able to get discounts for  company classes or for larger groups.
Visit our Discounts & Promotion page to learn more about our offers.

Privacy Policy

ETO respects your privacy and allows you complete control of your information. We share none of your information with anyone for any reason.
Read a complete statement of ETO's privacy policy.


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