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Going to the Doctor



1. Physician

2. Healthcare system

3. An apple a day keeps the doctor away (saying / proverb)

4. Sting

5. Ache

6. Sore

7. Generalist

8. Specialist

9. Diagnose

10. Family doctor

11. Ophthalmologist

12. Pediatrician

13. Psychiatrist

14. ER

15. ENT

16. Conventional medicine

17. Alternative medicine

18. Condition

19. Diagnosis

20. Chronic pain

21. Health insurance

22. Deductable

23. Single payer insurance

Grammar Point:

Verb Phrases

A verb phrase is a group of verbs made up of 2 – 4 words, often times using helping verbs. Helping verbs, or auxiliary verbs, include is, are, was, were, have, has, had and many others.


1. The doctors have been eating for over 1 hour now.

2. Vitamin A should be added to some people’s diets.

3. This medicine can be injected after 3pm every day.

Warm Up:

1. Do you having to see the doctor?

2. Is it hard to seek out a good physician?

3. What is the healthcare system like in your country?

4. Name some possible areas of improvement that can be added to the last question.

5. Americans say ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’. What do you think the meaning or importance of this saying is?

Types of Doctors:

7. In your country do you have to see a generalist first in order to be given a reference to see a specialist and do you agree with this practice?

8. Can you add more types of health practitioners to the below list?

a) Family doctor
b) Ophthalmologist
c) Pediatrician
d) Psychiatrist

9. Do you know what these acronyms stand for and do you know anyone that has had to go to one of these doctors?

a) ER
b) ENT

Solutions:­­ Emergency Room & Ear Nose & Throat Doctor

10. Do you tend to trust conventional medicine over alternative medicine to cure many diagnosed diseases, medical conditions or chronic pain?


11. Do most people in your country have to go out and buy health insurance by themselves?

12. Does the government have to provide healthcare, do you have to buy health insurance or can it be covered through your work?

13. Do you think the government should provide single-payer (free) healthcare?

14. How much is a fair amount of money for a monthly payment and a deductable for someone who decides to buy health insurance?

15. What happens if someone gets sick and doesn’t have health insurance and can’t pay off the medical bills?

Final Task:

16. Look at the list of vocabulary words at the beginning of this lesson to help you summarize what you have learned.

17. Work with your teacher, or another student in your group, andtry to make up a short story, several sentences or a role-play using as many of the new vocabulary words from this lesson.

18. Orally present your short story, sentences or role play.

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