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Build-Your-Own Plan Overview



Learning sometimes can be boring. At ETO, we like to keep our students learning what they want. Choose any topic you’d like. We encourage students to build their own course and have fun with it. We can also build Language specific courses per your request for any industry, such as fashion, entertainment, sports, medicine, law & other fields.

Topics include:

Practice work or school presentations
Free conversation with a native speaker
Idioms, slang, expressions or jokes
Pronunciation & communication strategies
The news & current events
Any specific interests you have

Materials include: 

Hundreds of conversation classes
Written articles, TV clips, the news & more
Bring your own real work to class

Course length

We have 1, 3, 6, 9 & 12 month programs. The build-your-own-plan course is just the same as all other plans. Of course you will get more from the course if you commit more! There are also discounts with longer programs.

To learn more read about our program structure, teaching methods & pricing.


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