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Business English Overview


Business English courses cover upper beginner to advanced points and can be personalized to meet specific company or industry needs. Every business English course is designed with tasks, images, multimedia effects and real-world materials such as business documents, reports, memos, videos and more. Class materials are complementary (free). As an added feature to this program we offer our students the option to personalize their business course to include written communication for business, such as memos, letters, emails, reports & many other professional writings by taking our intensive professional Writing Program.

The Business English Course has 4 Sections:

Vocabulary + Pronunciation
Conversation for Business
Role-Plays for Business
Extra Material & Class Reports

Class topics include:

Telephone and Email Communications
Cultural Differences in the Business World
Presentation Language & Techniques
Meetings & Negotiating in English
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Course length

This ESL course has three 50-hour levels. All 150 hours can be completed in 12 months if you take 3 lessons per week. You can finish the course at your own pace, depending on your preference.


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