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Business Workshop Overview


Our Business workshops are filled with many commonly known topics within the Business arena. The materials have been carefully selected and easily personalized to each company’s needs. This course is for companies & corporations serious about their staff and training. We help develop employees to the next level teaching them many new communication skills that can be overall beneficial to the company as staff.

We have workshops on:

Accent Training
Presentations & Public Speaking
Culture / Intercultural Communication
Communication Techniques
Interviews & Resumes
Managing Meetings
Customer Service
Sales Language
Business Slang
Negotiation Skills
Management Training

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Materials include:

Specially designed lessons, handouts & online material
Class reports, images, video files & internet resources
Practice material for homework & self study
Templates, worksheets, checklists & assessment forms
Samples of correct & incorrect business skills/language
Checklists, strategy guides, tips, tricks & how-to articles

Methods include:

Raising awareness
Creating work together
Learning by doing
Completing business tasks
Role playing activities
Perform, get feedback & improve

Course length

Workshops are 4-10 hours in length, depending on the topic. Learners can spend more or less time on a workshop, depending on the learners needs. Students can complete the workshops in 1 day or over a period of time, such as 1 hour a day for 1 week.



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