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Children’s ESL Program I Overview



At ETO, we believe in building a solid foundation, starting from youth. It has been shown that children who start learning at earlier ages acquire language fastest, and are more able to retain & use what they learn over the long term. This program offers grammar, pronunciation points, tongue twisters, slang & much more. ETO’s Children’s ESL Program I is for students between the ages of 3 – 6. We also have a Children’s ESL Program II for students between the ages of 6 – 12. For teens aged 13 – 18, take a look at our Teenager’s ESL Program.

Program topics:

The letters of the alphabet
Basic phonics (pronunciation)
Counting, numbers, dates & times
Greetings & introductions
Common action verbs & nouns
Expressing likes & dislikes and much more!

See the full list of class topics & sample class material

Course length

This program has 3 fifty-hour levels, or 150 class hours total. The full program can be completed in about 12 months, at 3 classes per week. Still, kids can study as slow or as fast as they like.


Intensive Course Length

This intensive program helps young learners improve their English very quickly. Kids can study intensively over summer, winter or vacation breaks or at any other time of the year. They can study 5 to 25 hours per week, alone, in groups of friends or siblings, or all together in full classes. The teacher evaluates the kid’s level and then works with the parents to create a custom made program. This is also a popular course because of the discounted price.


freeClassTab“Classes have lively activities, games & fun tasks, take a free 20 minute trial class with ETO today!”

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