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Interview & Resumes Overview



Our material focuses on the specific skills, techniques & cultural differences that you need in order to master interviews and resumes in Western cultures, universities worldwide & international companies. ETO is well prepared with lots of actual real-world material, handouts & activities to make learning fast & easy.

The Interview Preparation Program has 4 Sections :

Assessment of Current Skills & Needs
Interview Preparation
CV / Resume Preparation
Class Reports & Study Material

Materials & methods include:

Checklists to assess your current skills & needs
Preparing & practicing interviews with a specialist
Class reports & optional homework after each class
Videos & transcripts of interviews with sample answers

Course length

This ESL course length depends on the learners’ timeline. Learners can see benefits in as few as 3 classes, and other students may take 10-15 classes to master Interviews and resumes. The more time you have to prepare, the better.



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