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Teenager’s ESL Program Overview



Let us help your teen through high school and into college! Preparing your teen for college or university with ETO is the greatest gift you could give your teenager. It has been well accepted that the top universities of the world hold most of their extensive literature in English. By providing your teenager with a head-start & a strong foundation, you are helping them learn to easily function in English speaking environments, and also preparing them for success as adults. For children younger than 13, we also have two more programs, one for each specific age group: Children’s ESL Program I & Children’s ESL Program II.

Program topics:

Movies & music
University life
Future plans & Jobs
Academic writing
Slang expressions & much more

See the full list of class topics & sample class material

Course length

This program has 3 fifty-hour levels, or 150 class hours total. The full program can be completed in about 12 months, at 3 classes per week. Still, students can study as slow or as fast as they like.


Intensive Course Length

Students improve their English very quickly with this fast-paced course. The Intensive Course is available all year-round, so students can take it during a time that is most convenient for them, such as vacation breaks. Students can study between 5 to 25 hours per week. Students can choose to be taught individually or in a small group, such as with some of their classmates, friends or siblings. Before classes start, the teacher evaluates the child’s level and then works with the parents to create a custom made program. This course is a popular choice because of its high educational value, which is offered at a discounted price.



“Luck is preparation + opportunity, so prepare your teen now for the future, take a free trial English class with ETO.”


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