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Writing for Professionals Overview


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This program is for serious professionals that wish to excel in not only their English conversational skills but also in their English reading and writing skills.

Writing topics include:

Memos & E-mails, short & long reports
Persuasive, sales & other business letters
Resumes, cover letters & writing samples
Showing thanks appreciation & goodwill
Analysis of web sites & written content
Academic essays, research & dissertations

Plus many other professional writing tasks!

Materials include:

Actual templates for many types of professional writing
Samples of correctly and incorrectly written material
Checklists, strategy guides & online resources
Class reports & optional homework after each class

Methods include:

Learning language for key parts of written documents
Correcting your own writing work and others’ work
Creating outlines, organizing & formatting information
Working with the teacher at first, then writing alone
Writing a variety of texts for review in class (optional)

Course length

The length of this course depends on the learners’ needs. Some learners take 3-4 hours of lessons for a specific need, while other learners may need 20-30 hours to address a wider range of needs.


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